On October 25th we investigated The Mill in Buffalo with the guys from GWNYPS. Awesome place,wonderful people;we always learn from them.Present were George, Dawn, Steve, and June.

November 1st we  attended Day of the Dead at the Polish Center in Buffalo. Present were George and Dawn(Vending).

November 8 We investigated the B & B in Gettysburg again! Love this place.Very active. Present were George,Dawn,Steve,June,Derek,Jen, & Sally.

December 19th we were at the Statler Hotel in Buffalo. Received a private tour. Dawn and George were venders there.

January 10th brought another investigation at  Palmyra Museums.Always eventful.Present were George,Dawn, June,Jen

December 6th we did a private on a horse farm in Wernersville,PA.Very active and historical location,with rich history from the nearby Furnace. Also Hessian Soldiers were held captive 0n this location.

We had a private investigation in Mount Morris  on January 24th.Present were George,Dawn.Jen,Derek,Tom,& Ashly.

January 24th we did a Private in Mt.Morris,NY

Present were George,Dawn Jen ,Ashley,Val, & Tom

Feb. 21 Private in Warsaw,NY Present were George,Dawn,Jen,Val, & Tom

March 21st  Pierce Arrow Factory in Buffalo,NY.Present were George,Dawn,Jen

April 4th Private in Churchville,NY Present were George,Dawn,Jen,Jon,&Val

We are starting to line up things for this summer. We will be vending in spring city,PA at the Pennhurst Asylum and at the East Coast Paracon in Scranton,PA