Dawn Hoffman - Co-Founder and Paranormal Investigator.

Where to start…..

              My first experience with the paranormal was in the old farm house I was born in. My mother died when I was 4,at 5 I knew she never left the house she gave birth to 11 children in.  She was in the house. At 14,1975, myself and friends started doing seances, and “ghost hunting” in old abandoned houses in Berks, Montgomery and Lehigh Counties in Pennsylvania. When I was a teen I spent many many hours sitting in old empty houses, mostly our old farm house.. We moved out of the house sometime around 1967.a year or so after my mother died. In my adult years it has become my passion. My husband and I decided to make it real in 2011,  we obtained our license, registered our name, G.H.O.S.T. ,Ghost Hunters of the Southern Tier. And we formed the group. The rest is history.

Mike Dunning - Tech, Web and Investigator

              I am mike I have been investigating for 20 year. I have always been interested in the paranormal all my life and as kid, I wanted to be a ghostbuster I had all the toys and gadgets like the character from the real ghostbusters cartoon and movies. However, as a child I had a terrorizing experience I seen something or someone standing in my hallway staring at me for quite some time that really scared and freaked me out for years. Everyone said to me it was a love one looking over me but the feeling I got it was not. From there I was curious about the paranormal and what it was all about. When I was 18, I found a Ghost Hunting team and that is when I was hooked on becoming a paranormal investigator.  

Kim Taylor - Paranormal Investigator  

              I am Kim. I never had one specific moment that made me believe in the paranormal. I just always had feelings that we aren't alone. After my parents passed on, those feelings became more intense. Those gut feelings led me to join Dawn and George in their quest. I have recorded evps that gave the listener chills! I hope to one day find real proof that our loved ones never leave us.

George Hoffman - Co-founder and  Paranormal Investigator

             When I was young I knew that there was something there that I couldn't explain.I tried to tell my parents who discouraged me and even got mad when I continued to tell them that something was there.I learned to keep my thoughts to myself.As I got older I read everything I could mainly about people who had psychic abilities.My favorite read was anything about Edgar Cayce.Many years passed till I met Dawn and we realized we had a mutual interest. We formed G.H.O.S.T. and have traveled all over this side of the country investigating every major haunted property.Our group has had many changes over the years and we feel our current group is the best we have had.We plan a major move and change in our lives as retirement is right around the corner.The paranormal will always be a part of our life and hope some of our current members will continue to be part of our journey.


Ghost Hunters of the Southern Tier