Ghost Hunters of the Southern Tier

    We are a Paranormal group that is made up of several different beliefs. We try to eliminate ( Debunk) all outside interference when we are investigating. If we are unsure of a piece of evidence we will not include it in our report to the client.  We will find out all the history we can about a place to help us with our investigation.  

       We have a different array of instruments that we use when we are on an investigation. We have a night vision dvr system, mel-meter digital voice recorders, digital thermometers, digital cameras, full spectrum camcorder, infra red digital still camera and flashlights to name a few. 


    If you would like our group to come out and do an investigation please contact George at ​geoah54@gmail.com and or Mike at dunndunn14843@hotmail.com  We do not charge for our services. We are here to help.