Updates and Plans for G.H.O.S.T.

10/23/17-  Future plans for team leaders Dawn and George have been trying to sell their house here in NY. They have been planning to move down south in the VA and NC area to purchase an older house with history and paranormal activity. They are planning to start a paranormal research & study center for the paranormal. This may take some time as we will be extremely cautious on finding just the right location.

​12/03/17- Dawn and George have sold there house and will be moving beginning of spring 2018. In the next few week they will be heading down to VA and NC to look at a future property.

12/09/17- G.H.O.S.T. will be at the Winter Parafest in Rochester NY at the Nashvilles 

6/23/18- Dawn And George have moved to Victoria VA.  Bought a  house that has lots of history and paranormal activity. They are doing a total rehab and fixing up there new home.

4/20/19- Dawn and George have been very busy remodeling and fixing up their therehome in Victoria VA.   

4/2019 After many months of remodeling the house is 80% done. We have found out much of the history and have experienced a lot of activity.


Ghost Hunters of the Southern Tier

They talk...

                       We listen...                

Greetings ​​​​we are George & Dawn Hoffman we live in Victoria VA. We both have had an interest in the paranormal and things that go bump in the night for most of our lives. As for Dawn she has been investigating since 1975. So with many years of experience we established our team G.H.O.S.T. in August 2011. 

Team Members 
George Hoffman...........Founder & Investigator
Dawn Hoffman..............Founder & Investigator
Mike Dunning ..............Investigator,Tech and web
Jon Freas .....................Investigator
Kim Taylor...................Investigator